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Sidney 16th May 2005 16:18

First GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB Heat Pipe Graphics Card
New Graphics Card with SilenCool Feature Hits the Market

Taipei – May 16, 2005 -- Info-Tek Corporation, production supplier for the leading global graphics card brand GECUBETM, announced today the release of the first GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB Heat Pipe Graphics Card. Equipped with the ATI R430 XL graphics chip, the GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB Heat Pipe Graphics Card employs a dual-sided heatsink/heatpipe design for noise-free operation. The X800XL is currently the only noise-free heat pipe solution on the market.

The GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB Heat Pipe Series features a leading one-slot architecture design, which allows for a reduced heatsink size and does not obstruct extra peripherals such as PCIe x1. The X800XL Heat Pipe series also effectively lowers interference from other machines while its dual-sided heatsink design provides the most effective heat dispersion to guarantee system stability for long durations of time.

The GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB Heat Pipe Graphics Card perfectly depicts light and shadow in 3D games, and its high specification memory design provides realistic, movie-quality pictures, even at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 dpi (1600 x 1200, 6XAA, 16XAF).

The GECUBE RADEON X800XL 512MB Heat Pipe Graphics Card has 512MB of memory along with the high-tech specifications needed for new-generation 3D games, providing gamers with unique, high-quality pictures in a realistic gaming environment.

The GECUBE RADEON® X800XL 512MB Heat Pipe Graphics Card supports 16 pixel shader pipelines and 6 vertex engines for smooth, high quality 3D processing and improved color saturation. The X800XL also supports dual DVI specifications that cater for optimum performance and function.

Model Name
GECUBE RADEON X800 XL PCIe Heat Pipe Solution


Core Frequency

Pixel Pipeline

Memory Type

PCI Express x16


DVI-I x2

RGB Port


Cooling System
GECUBE SilenCool Heat Pipe Solution

Width: 180mm

Length: 70mm

Depth: 10mm~15mm

About Info-Tek and GECUBE

"GECUBE” is a brand name of Info-Tek Taiwan's Multimedia Products Division. Products under this brand name include graphics cards and other computer peripheral hardware products.

Info-Tek Taiwan, established in 1990, has been primarily devoted to contract manufacturing services for motherboards and interface cards. Over the years it has grown its business to establish four main production centers both in Taiwan and China. The Multimedia Products Division of Info-Tek is completely dedicated to the development, marketing and sales of GECUBE brand name products, and has its own, independent R&D team. Info-Tek also has a complete marketing and sales network and provides total multimedia solutions. The Info-Tek Corporation was officially listed on the Taiwan stock market (IPO number: 8183) on March 3, 2005. For more information, please visit

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