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Sidney 20th October 2004 06:31

Final Scratch v1.5
The DJ. That guy at the front of the dance floor with those 2 turntables,
and that thing between them with lots of knobs. And for some reason, even
in this day of WMVs, WAVs, and RIAA-infested MP3s, the guy is still
playing vinyl… until now. Stanton, a leader in turntable manufacturing,
has introduced a revolutionary product called Final Scratch which allows
anyone to play any song from their computers on their turntables.
Previously, hardware let you play songs off CDs where sound could be
manipulated through rotating rubber pads. But Final Scratch is the first
system that lets you spin mp3s with real vinyl—something that has never
been possible before.


the maniak 20th October 2004 15:15

FS is already a few years old but it is one of the only systems that actually works decently

in a few months Stanton is going to release FS2.0, with a new scratchamp (the thingie which connects everything)

The big advantage of using FS is that a DJ don't have to take his records with him, he can take a few thousand songs with him and only have 1 bag. In the past he had to take his recordcrates with him. (believe me, vinyl is heavy :))

But it also leaves to door open to people, who donwload music from the internet and play it on party's....

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