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jmke 27th April 2007 15:38

Final 8800 Ultra specs disappoint
The GPU is not clocked to 675MHz, as some official documents from the past were stating, but rather a very conservative 612MHz, a 37MHz clock boost. The clock of 128 scalar units has been raised from 1.35GHz to 1.50 and memory is set at 2.16GHz instead of 1.80GHz, raising the memory bandwidth from 86.4GB/s to 103.68GB/s, still a couple of gigabytes short of upcoming Radeon HD 2900XT, with its 105.60GB/s.

geoffrey 27th April 2007 19:22

Might be enough to be the fastest card in most game tests.

jmke 27th April 2007 19:46

The GTX already is :)

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