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jmke 24th May 2006 14:05

FB-DIMMs finally arrive - Hotter with a need for synch
First the power issues. We noticed these overly large heatsinks on all the pre-production DIMMs at IDF, but were assured that they were just temporary, the real thing would not need 2cm thick heatsinks. In the mean time, power used by the AMB went from 2-4W to 3-5, then 5+. From what I hear, the current draw, pun pun, for a FBD with DDR2/533 is 5.5-5.75W for the AMB only. If you go to DDR2/667, the total is upped to 7W.

This is coupled with the need to run the memory in sync with the FSB. If you run it asynch, you lose enough performance so a FBD/667 on a 1066FSB gets you negligible performance increases. FBD/533 on a 1333FSB hits you for more than the decreased ram speed too, a real lose/lose situation. So, what does this mean? On Bensley, you really want to run FBD/533, and on Woody, you really want to run FBD/667. Anything less is asking for pain.

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