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jmke 14th February 2007 00:41

External R600 and Crossfire cards are on the way
Remember that External PCI Express connector, will be put to very good use with a powerful GPU like this one:

"And this is not all ATI is making external. The company has also done some work on an external Crossfire configuration, although currently most resources are going into getting both the R600 and RV610/630 series out the door during March and April. External CrossFire will come to market probably before summer, oriented towards competing with Quadro Plex. It's not hard to imagine that the GPGPU world is soon going to become a real source of revenue for the company, just like Quadro SDI is for Nvidia.

Rutar 14th February 2007 00:56

So for the next uber upgrade we just plug one of those into the PCIE-16 slot not having to worry about PSUs?

jmke 14th February 2007 01:15

not having to worry about INTERNAL PSU;)

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