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jmke 1st November 2005 17:30

Exploring the performance impact of memory latency
THESE DAYS, SEEMINGLY every major memory module manufacturer is producing fancy low-latency DIMMs. These DIMMs are equipped with tricked-out heat spreaders and come in a variety of different colors, making them easy to pick out in a crowd. There's more to them than funky cosmetics, though. The most exotic low-latency DIMMs are rated to run at extremely tight 2-2-2-5 timings at 400MHz. Unfortunately, you'll pay a small fortune for the privilege. Low-latency modules cost close to twice as much as more pedestrian DIMMs, if not more.

Lower latencies are a good thing, of course, but how much can they really improve system performance? Are exotic, low-latency DIMMs worth the price premium? Read on as we explore the effects of memory latency on Athlon 64 performance in synthetic memory benchmarks, games, and real-world applications.

Where [M] leads, the rest follows:)

jmke 1st November 2005 17:32

At the end of the day, the appeal of low-latency memory modules may be limited to overclockers and enthusiasts intent on squeezing every last drop of performance from a system. More pedestrian "value" memory should be plenty fast enough for everyone else, especially since you can practically afford twice as much

Sidney 1st November 2005 17:44

There are two kinds of overclockers; the originals are cheap sh_t, second by those well to do with $$$.

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