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jmke 9th March 2009 16:44

eVGA X58 3X SLI Review
It seems like eVGA wasn't too affected by nVidia's abandonment of chipset design for Intel's latest processors. Their X58 3X SLI is exactly what we have come to expect from an eVGA product. It works perfectly out of the box, comes with a decent bundle, looks great and, more importantly, it overclocks well. Performance is right on par with what we have seen from other X58 boards as of yet. The board's colour scheme looks pretty good and the black PCB is a no-brainer. The layout is also very well done, mostly everything is exactly where it should be. I do say mostly, because the 8 pin auxiliary power connector is in a rather awkward position, right between the regulator's heatsink and the rear I/O connectors. That makes it hard to reach once the board is installed into a case, but at least it's usually a one time thing so I can live with it. The one SATA port above the top PCI-Express is kind of in a odd position as well, but with eight other easily accessible ports it's not much of a problem. Spacing between the PCI-Express is exactly like it should be, three dual slot cards will fit perfectly.

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