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jmke 21st November 2005 20:30

Evercool Neon Crab & Spider Fan Filter
Link :

"This time, Evercool is producing a very innovative and require by most of
the computer lovers especially those who like to overclock their rig. The
Neon Crab memory cooler is design to cool down the memory modules with the
most effective way which is having the fan that blow directly to the
modules. Not only that, the memory cooler itself is built in with two LED
fan and a multi-color flashing LED on the Crab eyes. By having a memory
cooler like this, you can have more room to overclock to a higher
frequency of your memory modules without any worries.

As for the Spider Fan Filter, it was specially design to protect your
chassis to getting more and more dust into it. The Spider Fan is a
powerful and quiet fan; combine with the fan filter, it almost able to
prevent the dust to go into the chassis."

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