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Sidney 12th August 2005 06:25

Evercool H.D.D. Lander Cooler and Spider Filter Fan
With the weather becoming more dry, and the heat radiating against the walls of your house, your computer begs you for more cooling! How many times have you been sitting next to your computer wondering how hot it was, then glance over at your temperature monitor and about scream? I know I have quite a few times! That's when you need to jump into the world of water cooling, or into the land of fans! Most people get into computers now wanting to do a little water cooling setup, and overlook fans. Nothing like the whine of an 80cfm 120mm fan in the middle of the night! Today we will be reviewing the Evercool Spider Filter Fan 80mm fan, and the Evercool H.D.D. Lander Cooler. Enjoy!

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