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jmke 8th March 2004 15:39

Taipei, March 04, 2004]—EPoX, one of the world's foremost manufacturers of motherboards, VGA cards, communication devices, and industrial PC motherboards, has announced the release of the first ICH6R-like motherboard, the EP-4PDA5+. Incorporating the 865PE chipset; this Prescott-ready Intel Pentium 4 board offers a stupendous blend of awesome performance, advanced features, and value-added extras.

EP-4PDA5+ provides fantastic value with a wise balance of features and performance. With full and easy-to-use RAID supports, it is ideal for home/office/business users alike

Online Spec-page EP-4PDA5+

Compelling and friendly RAID capabilities…
On the storage front, the EP-4PDA5+ shines. It provides four S-ATA ports delivering 150Mbps throughput as well as two P-ATA ports compliant with the ATA-100 specification. Moreover, the new board offers comprehensive and easy-to-use RAID capabilities, making full use of its four ports to support RAID 0, 1, and 10, and soon also the new RAID 5. With the on-board Sillion Image 3114 chip, the EP-4PDA5+ motherboard is delivering tomorrow's capabilities today. Using only a single software driver & BIOS for its SATA RAID, there is no more confusing driver and utility installation for different RAID systems, making system migration and creation even more speedy in adoption.

Loads of Features…
In addition to its powerful combination of support for Intel's Prescott CPU—the new iteration of the Pentium 4 built with a 90nm process and enhanced architectural enhancements; the ATX form factor EP-4PDA5+ also provides full support for Intel's HyperThreading technology and high-speed 800MHz front-side bus for the utmost in performance. For system memory, the board offers four dual-channel DDR DIMM slots that can accommodate ultra-fast DDR memory modules running at a blistering 400MHz.

The mighty motherboard does not stint on expansion options either, providing one AGP 8x slot and five PCI slots. It also comes with Marvell’s renowned Gigabit Ethernet networking on-board, as well as 8-channel audio for absolute audio realism in DVD movies, games, and other multimedia applications. In addition to 8-channel audio output, EPoX's new motherboard also provides a SPDIF-out connector for easy connection to 6-channel digital speakers, eliminating cable clutter and delivering loss-free audio. These advanced features make the EP-4PDA5+ the ideal foundation for building a home theater or media center PC system.

EP-4PDA5+ I/O panel connections

The EP-4PDA5+ motherboard does not even stop there. It also provides EPoX's exclusive PowerBIOS overclocking technology, which allows a full range of overclocking settings to be made from the BIOS. And the motherboard comes with the Power Pack bundle, which includes round-cable Ultra ATA and Serial ATA cables, a game port bracket, an I/O port shield, and other extras.

EPoX product manager noted, "The EP-4PDA5+ motherboard rounds out our Pentium 4 product lineup nicely. It gives power user hobbyists, system integrators looking for a niche, and others who want to build a Pentium 4 system an ideal and fun base. It puts the latest and greatest advances in reach, including support for technologies that are still forthcoming. It's ready for Prescott, has S-ATA RAID capabilities, 8channel audio, speedy Ethernet and topped up with EPoX's own overclocking solution. We think this is one awesome motherboard package, and are confident that the response from the market and individual users is going to be phenomenal."

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