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jmke 30th January 2006 11:54

Epox introduces New BIOS Back Up Utility, Ghost BIOS
Ghost BIOS to maintain BIOS safety

In a survey to mainboard users from a print magazine, the most demanded feature for a mainboard is the ability to update the BIOS. EPoX has focused heavily on the BIOS update function and has now released a solution, namely “Ghost BIOS”. When the system BIOS is attacked by a virus, or power failure occurs while flashing the BIOS, this usually corrupts the BIOS and the system loses the ability to boot up. This leaves the user with no choice but to send the board for repair. Through EPoX’s unique Ghost BIOS utility, users can rescue the BIOS by themselves in an easy way without any cost. Users only need the system driver CD, BIOS update software and an EPoX Ghost BIOS supported mainboard.

Ghost BIOS operation flow

To recover and update the BIOS using the Ghost BIOS is extremely easy and the user need only follow the very simple instructions detailed in our flow chart. When the BIOS is corrupted, the screen will appear with two options for users to choose. One is to recover from the floppy drive and the second choice is to recover from the optical drive. Choosing the floppy drive will allow the user to recover their BIOS in one easy step from a BIOS file previously saved in a floppy. Alternately, choosing the bundled system driver CD will rescue the BIOS with a temporary SAFEMODE BIOS file. This can then be updated under Windows using EPoX’s Magic Flash to give maximum compatibility, performance and processor upgrade ability. With the advent of this intelligent function, users won’t have to worry about corrupting their BIOS or the need to pay for repairs or shipping charges. Even under the very worst circumstances, users only need to keep the system driver CD and everything will be alright. No matter how bad the BIOS is corrupted, it is still recoverable with EPoX Ghost BIOS!

GHOST BIOS and the future

Regardless of cost, EPoX has invented and developed the EP1308 SUPER I/O chip to support this new BIOS recovery function. EPoX’s soon to be released EP-9U1697 GLI-J and EP-8U1697 GLI based upon ULi M1697 chipset, will be the first product available to have total support for the Ghost BIOS feature. In the future, users will see all series of EPoX mainboards supporting Ghost BIOS and these no longer need to be sent for repair just because of corrupted BIOS. With this EPOX innovation, BIOS problems will truly become a thing of the past.

easypanic 30th January 2006 12:00

Too bad no USB(-stick) support ....

Hans Voral 30th January 2006 22:41

At least it's better than hot-flash it, cant be picky in those situation

Rutar 31st January 2006 02:31

Dual-Bios is still better

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