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Sidney 10th September 2005 17:39

DFI Preps Enthusiast Crossfire Motherboard
Not long ago, DFI went from being a mediocre board maker to a company that caters to enthusiasts with rock solid boards and extreme overclocking options. DFIís success in the overclocking market appears to be almost instant, but weíve been told that DFI was working on the enthusiast line of boards ever since 2000-2001 time frame. Not only that, but Abitís (and industryís) most renowned engineer Oskar Wu left the company and joined DFI, which resulted in excellent board layout and BIOS options. Now that ATI has finally introduced its Crossfire platform, itís only matter of time before board manufacturers start releasing their Crossfire products in mass quantities.

An insider near DFI reported that the company is working on an ATI Crossfire board, which will be based on the reference design. The board name, although unofficial, is DFI CF-BT where CF stands for Crossfire and BT is supposedly the abbreviation of an industry consultant Tony Leech whoís been working with DFI for the past four years and is on DFIís "advisory board" for research and development. According to an insider, heís been assisting DFI with research and development aspects of the board, and DFI is supposedly honoring Leech by naming a board after him. With that said, DFI USA and DFI Taiwan are still discussing the board name.

Naming aside, the insider reported that unlike Sapphire, DFI would continue to use high quality components to ensure stability and support for extreme overclocking that the enthusiast community expects. In order to release the board at a comparatively lower price, DFI may remove the postcode reader and replace it with four LED lights. Continuing with its tradition of selecting rather vibrant colors for its motherboards, DFI is expected to color the PCB sky blue to give it the usual DFI appeal. Whether DFI will add this product to its LANParty product lineup is unknown as well. The PCB color hasnít been finalized either.

As you can probably tell, DFI still has ways to go before itís ready to market the board with fruitful colors, a name after a consultant and possibly with a new product line, but one thing is for sure: DFI is on the final stages of tweaking the board. With that said, we have received information that DFI is expecting to launch the board sometime in October 2005. The pricing of the board is currently unavailable as well.

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