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Sidney 13th October 2005 01:41

DFI LAN Party UT nF3 Ultra-D
Overall the DFI LAN Party UT nF3 Ultra-D is a very powerful socket 939 AGP motherboard. While it may seem to tail the K8N Neo2 Platinum in terms of performance, the potential of the nF3 Ultra-D is unlimited. The overall board layout is superb and the BIOS offer plenty of memory tweaking options that the Neo2 lacks. The nF3 Ultra-D also works up to 3.6V with a DDR Booster as opposed to the Neo2 at just 3.4V with the Booster. Users who are looking into the 300HTT range with 1:1 ratio would love this motherboard as we had no problem exceeding DDR600 at 1T...


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