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Sidney 3rd December 2004 04:58

DFI LAN Party Pro875B Motherboard
One of the unique aspects of the DFI LAN Party Pro875B Motherboard is
that the product has been designed to appeal to the LAN and case modding
community. When paired with natural black light or a UV cathode, the DIMM
and PCI/AGP slots glow brilliant orange and green neon colour. This unique
feature will appeal to those individuals who use windowed panels in their
modified cases or use other alternative UV based products.

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Sidney 3rd December 2004 06:05


I was able to easily achieve a 1:1 speed of 220MHz FSB for a simple overclock of 3.1GHz with the no need to increase any voltage. I attempted to scale up in 5MHz intervals testing for stability after each adjustment but was held back by a locked multiplier.
Interesting note on being held back by locked multi.;)

jmke 3rd December 2004 08:42

most P4's do tend to have that problem;)

kristos 3rd December 2004 16:57

does anyone know how well it handels a ("heavely" this is relative offcourse overclocked) prescott?

jmke 3rd December 2004 21:39

pretty good according to EasyPanic, he has/had one (he's selling it, needs da $)

kristos 3rd December 2004 23:47

I pm'ed him to ask how the board's vcore and pwm behaved with a prescott installed. He said that vcore was stable but the max setting was 1.5V. he didn't have this with his northwood.

I also posted on XS about the dfi 875b and the asus p4gd1, see what they have too say...

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