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jmke 27th May 2005 20:50

DFI Lan Party nF4 Ultra-D Review

Content: "This board is just another legendary board from DFI. Without any doubt the DFI Lan Party nF4 Ultra-D will be the dream board for overclockers due to its high overclocking ability and luxurious BIOS tweaking. If you are lucky, you might get the older batch which can be modded to nF4 SLI without extra cost. However, if you are not an average / hardcore overclocker and do not bother to do the tweaking, you can still purchase this motherboard but it will be pointless getting a super-overclockable motherboard when you don't even intend to overclock at the first place. Besides, this motherboard needs a lot of tweaking and trials to bring the best out of this board. Besides the high overclocking ability, this board also has other advantages as well such as the CMOS reload, EZ-on buttons and dual Gigabyte LAN, just for the list. With the price of around 130USD, it definitely an inexpensive solution for your ultimate overclocking setup."

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