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jmke 26th April 2007 15:38

DFI announces their NF680i based motherboard - Best Intel OC board?
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A 100% self-made DFI product. DFI LAN Party UT NF680I LT SLI-T2R, the ultra high-end model that will rock your world.

NVIDIA never ceases to stride to make a better and faster Chipset. Not long ago, they have released their best chipset to date, the NForce 680i LT. It is regarded as the highest spec. with the best performance in the industry. This chipset is a dedicated design for the enthusiast. It is versatile and has tremendous functionality; SLI support, Teaming, RAID and has a lot more functions for hard-core gamer and enthusiasts alike. These features allow the NF680i LT to set the standard for one of the highest gaming chipsets in the industry now. This high-grade chipset matches well with the best motherboard designer, in order to fully unleash the potential of the NF680i. DFI, the most enthusiast-oriented motherboard designer announces the self-designed and manufactured LANParty UT NF680I LTSLI-T2R and has launched it into the market with a brand new package design.

This motherboard adopts NVIDIA's NF680I LT SLI chipset and furnishes both SLI and Physics rendering solutions. Moreover, it offers the highest-end 6 phase digital PWM technology. It is certain that this model offers many new elements to satisfiy all high-end users.

The ultimate chipset solution: NVIDIA NF680i LTSLI.

NForce 680i LT is regarded as the new “sweetheart” by the enthusiast's community as it's a fully enthusiast-oriented motherboard. It offers support for multi-display. Up to 8 monitors! It further provides RAID, Teaming and High definition audio functions. The versatility and functionality that it offers is rarely seen in the market.

SLI + Physics rendering

The nearly realistic effects that gamers demand is always the momentum causing the PC industry to leap forward. The independently provided Physics rendering solution has caused a revolutionary change for hard-core gamers. DFI's LANParty UT NF680i LT SLI-T2R fully supports SLI and Physics rendering for our users. As with dual x16 SLI rendering, the 3D performance will be boosted. Additionally the Physics rendering allows for realistic games to be pushed to the limit. For hard-core gamers, it's really a dream come true.

6-Phase Digital PWM

DFI is never satisfied to use any components of inferior quality. For this particular model, DFI cho oses to use the advanced 6 -phase D igital PWM in place of ordinary 3-phase PWM. A digital PWM uses components to supply stabilized current, which accommodate enthusiasts ' needs in OC or Gaming . DFI LP UT NF680i LT SLI provides sufficient current for up to 200A for the processor. Aside from this, the heat dissipating fins of the PWM circuit further stabilize current flow to the system.

Advance device for the Heat dissipation

Cutting-edge design for extreme Overclocking is always the #1 goal to DFI LANParty boards. DFI listens to Pro-gamers and enthusiasts when they ask for more system performance. In particular, the cooling solution of North Bridge and South Bridge being of importance. Hence, DFI exclusively offers a unique heat sink design for the North Bridge to dissipate heat. More than this, DFI also offers a particular copper-sink for the South Bridge. This is a total solution provided with each board itself.

Not even to mention, DFI uses a very high-quality thermal paste for its heat sinks, which's far-exceed the ordinaries in the market. DFI is the highest-end board manufacturer and gamer-oriented designer. It has no comparisons, and is superior to all other manufacturers.

Window VISTA operating system Support

For years, users have waited for Microsoft's next generation of OS. VISTA has just launched in the market, and users around the globe are keeping their eyes on its hardware benchmarks. LP UT NF680I LT SLI fully supports Windows VISTA and will give gamers a fresh experience.

SATA-2 and RAID Support

The SATA-2 interface provides increased transfer performance while RAID offers faster data transfer rates and data security between hard disks. The LANParty UT NF680I-LT SLI T2R offers a gigantic total of 6 SATA slots, similar to an entry-level server board. The Chipset supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1 and RAID 5 arrays, to suit the RAID needs of almost any user.

Vista Premium Edition's KARAJAN Audio Module

For advanced audio quality, DFI provides the DFI Karajan audio module. This module should be familiar to DFI LANParty enthusiasts. It's worthwhile to note that the module uses the RealTek ALC885 8CH sound decoder chip certified by Microsoft as Windows Vista Premium Ready, and offers significant improvements to audio quality. Gamers can not only enjoy ultra-realistic 7.1 channel audio in their battles but also enjoy improved theater quality sound effects. The Karajan ALC885 chip offers sound quality that is simply unmatched by any other integrated audio technologies.

Other professional level features

LP UT NF680i LT SLI motherboard includes all the features that gamers and enthusiast would ever need; the most convenient device, EZ On/ Off, EZ reset, that allows you to OC without a chassis. Further, the EZ Clear is the easiest way to clear the CMOS without opening the chassis. Simply press the reset and power buttons on the chassis at the same time; and the CMOS clear in seconds.

Powerful BIOS design

If the hardware design is the physical body of a motherboard, then the BIOS must be the soul of it. The BIOS controls the available options of a board. DFI has spent a lot of resources in BIOS design for years now. The designer of LANParty is the best, and has allowed for powerful BIOS functions to be incorporated in each DFI motherboard. DFI board performance leaps way ahead in Overclocking as a result. That's why LANParty has satisfied so many gamers and enthusiast. LP UT NF680I LT SLI keeps offering the prestigious Genie BIOS Settings to users for an ultra-Overclocking performance. It really rocks!!

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