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jmke 23rd October 2006 08:00

Deskmodding Guide
The Deskmodding is a right art as it is it the traditional Modding, without NO WEIGHT you can give YOUR style to your writing-desk, to have what but you need by hand, to use the images that you wish, to cause that it sounds as you wish, to see the hour in 5000 pixels in your writing-desk or in 5 pixels in Firefox, you limit them single puts your imagination! (Of where it robs that phrase to me)

jmke 23rd October 2006 08:01

ooh.. I thought they meant real desk modding :/

I made my own desk with a bit of wood and 2 parts from ikea:

wutske 23rd October 2006 18:18

Same idea here, I tought they were going to integrate a pc into a desk or something :shrug: .

Almost same desk story overhere, 1 piece of wood, 4 feet (poten), some paint and 2 Aldi cabinets. Used to have 3 CRT screens and a pc on it, but it's now replacing my 'school'-desk and stereo table.

Rutar 23rd October 2006 19:28

I want a Lian Li desk, but they cost a few 1000 euros :(

jmke 23rd October 2006 20:43

and they aren't nearly as pratical as my home-made one where I can easily store 4+ PC's in orderly fashion:)

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