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jmke 18th April 2009 10:19

DDR2 Prices Rising
DDR2 memory prices have been incredibly low these past few months, but the trend could finally be reversing, much to the relief of memory makers. DigiTimes reports that prices for fully tested 1Gb DDR2 memory chips went up 7% on April 15 and "soared over 6%" yesterday, ending up at around $1.20. Right now, memory market research firm DRAMeXchange quotes a session average of $1.18 with a high of $1.22.

Is DDR2 RAM just going to keep getting more expensive? Reportedly, DRAMeXchange believes DDR2 contract prices will go up 15-20% between the first and second quarters. DigiTimes also quotes industry sources who say memory manufacturers expect 1Gb DDR2 chips will eventually reach $1.50.

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