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jmke 21st December 2005 13:41

DDOS Attack on Webhosting - Priorweb
Our webhost is currently experiencing a DDOS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) and they are doing everything to keep Madshrimps running smoothly.

Traffic spiked towards 74Mbit yesterday and today we're still having slow downs from time to time. Let's hope this will all be resolved quickly.

Good work from Priorweb for tracking down the problem and working towards a solution :super:

Dutch version
Dear customers,

Since Tuesday 20 December has been the web server vector the aim of DoS-attack (denial or service). This means that a someone large number of sends applications to the server, with the aim the server or of overloading network.
The cause of the attack lies at a dispuut between the attacker and a customer site which is leaped about on vector.
By the scope of this attack there also delays can appear for other servers in our network.

Below an overview finds you undertaken of the events and action. As soon as information there further is available, this page is adapted.

20 December 2005
19:20 - Starts the attack. Already it is rapidly determined that it concerns DoS attack. Meanwhile contact is made with the networkengineers to select wlke machine the aim of the attack is.
20:07 - The server where the attack was on targeted, has been found. The server is blocked temporarily so that the movement no longer arrives on network. All servers excluded vector are online
20:30 - The server is clearred, however the movement continues stream in, as a result of which we had establish the blockade.
20:50 - There its some adaptations carried out on the routers so that the web movement becomes possible. All the other movement (ftp, ssh...) still is blocked
22:12 - A attempt is again undertaken to clear the server, again in vain. The server is blocked again partially. Now also FTP - and ssh-traffic are let through.
During the night of 20 December on 21 December still a number of attempts was undertaken. The movement decreased however just around 10 hours these tomorrow.

21 December 2005
12:57 - There has again started an attack. The server vector was at present again blocked. Internet sites can show delays.
13:48 - Also it has been now determined that a second server in the attack is involved, namely Zion. Server also this is now blocked, with exception of the web movement

piotke 21st December 2005 13:53

Web translator ? :p

Sidney 21st December 2005 13:55

Job well done :super:

I lost some of my work earlier and realized something went wrong.

jmke 21st December 2005 14:17

@piotke: yes of course:)
@lazyman: editing online is always with risk, copy/paste can be of vital importance:)

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