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Sidney 13th July 2005 14:22

Crucial Ballistix PC2-5300 2GB Dual Channel memory
DDR2 RAM is pressing forward with each passing day. Prices have nearly become half since early this year, when DDR2 RAM was being introduced into the market, while performance and capabilities began to far exceed the capabilities of current motherboards and CPUs. It seems ages ago that RAM manufacturers barely kept up with motherboard capabilities, now high performance modules far exceed the capabilities of any system. Crucial is a RAM manufacturer which has a very high performance DDR2 module among their ranks, the Ballistix line. They also probably have the best value and most future proof DDR2 kit for the moment, the BL2KIT12864AA664 kit, which consists of two 1GB Ballistix PC2-5300 modules. 2GB of RAM should be enough to last for years to come for most people and the performance is supposed to be enough for many generations of CPUs to come. We will see if those claims withstand in this review.

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