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jmke 12th January 2007 11:43

Creative Technology Shows Off Audio Card for PCI Express
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Creative Technology, a maker of digital media players and various multimedia devices, showcased its first audio card for modern PCI Express bus at the Consumer Electronics Show 2007. Specs of the product are unclear, but it is remarkable that Creative is finally paying attention to the bus that has been afloat for nearly three years now.

zerotol 12th January 2007 13:13

fi-nal-ly what took creative THIS long :rolleyes:

jmke 12th January 2007 13:26

widespread usage of PCI Express of course:)

SuAside 12th January 2007 13:28

there really was no rush... all pci-e boards still sport regular pci slots.

zerotol 12th January 2007 14:39

not the widely spread SN25P shuttle that i use and several other shuttle barebone models :no:

SuAside 12th January 2007 15:33

hmz, true for some small form formats yeah...

but they're exceptions & you always know you loose things when you buy them. that's a given.

i dont know any mainstream ATX motherboard with PCI-E without pci.

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