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jmke 13th July 2007 22:16

CoolIT Systems Eliminator CPU Cooler Review
Personally, I like the Eliminator much better than the Freezone. I enjoy the smaller footprint as well as it leaves much more space for those who may have large Northbridge coolers. Despite the slightly lesser performance in its ability to cool the CPU compare to the Freezone, the Eliminator still performs quite good. The Eliminator is targeted more toward mainstream users who have mid-range dual-core processor and wish to push the processor a tad over the stock setting; while the Freezone is targeted toward the enthusiasts who have the high-end dual core or quad core processor and wish to push to the highest overclocking. Like our Freezoneís review, we have seen that the Eliminator is extremely efficient in keeping the CPU cool under stock speed but when the CPU is overclocked, the unit is having trouble keeping the CPU cool efficiently. The CoolIT Systemsís thermalelectric cooler may have a limited flow of liquids to efficiently cool the CPU when the CPU is generate a lot of heat, this is something that the CoolIT Systems should definitely work on in order for the cooler to out-perform not just air cooling but many of the water-cooling kits on the market.<br><br>

Would I recommend the Eliminator, well, probably not if you have already gotten one of the best air cooling solution. I think the Eliminator is a nice upgrade for the CoolIT Systems but at the price of $199.99, itís still expensive when compare with many air cooling, which is able to provide just as efficient cooling as the Eliminator. The Eliminator almost earned out Seal of Approval but the high price tag made it hard to recommend to average users, specially considering there are air coolers which can achieve similar result at much cheaper price The Eliminator seems to me like an evolution for the CoolIT Systemsís thermalelectric cooler and it is definitely heading toward the right direction. It is still not perfect but I hope that the CoolIT Systems can take these changes when they design the successor of the Freezone and the Eliminator.

Sidney 13th July 2007 22:21

Too many result variances when I put all the reviews together; from very good to very bad. I guess when the system temp is saturated in hot climate locations it is not as good as many may think, espcially for the price.

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