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jmke 29th April 2010 08:39

CoolIT ECO A.L.C. CPU Cooler Review
The stock cooler included with retail-packaged CPUs represents the manufacturer's best efforts to provide a cooler that will keep the processor within its temperature limits at stock clock speeds, all for the lowest cost. But if you want to overclock your system, you're going to need an aftermarket cooler. The ideal cooler would be inexpensive, quiet, easy to install, and keep your CPU icy cold under all loads and conditions. But of course, in the real world it's always a balancing act among these various parameters. CoolIT Systems' new ECO A.L.C. ECO-R120 CPU cooler aims to balance these requirements by offering an easy-to-install sealed liquid cooling system for your CPU. Using both stock and high-speed fans, Benchmark Reviews compares it to the top air coolers and the Corsair H50 liquid cooling system on an overclocked and overvolted Intel Core i7-920 processor. id=62

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