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jmke 19th August 2007 13:07

Coolermaster Stacker modified to fit 47 HDD, total of 12 Terabyte
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Controllers I'm using to fill the pci slots, bottom 2 are 3ware 6800 8 ports, 8x200 gig drives each. Middle controller is a 3ware 9500s, 12x500 gig sata, 4th controller is a promise sx6000, top controller is a 3ware 7500 series 12 port, 6 and 12 320 gig drives respectively. I've had a ton of ide drives from a variety of servers i wanted to piss off to one machine, and building this consolidates most of the ide drives into one box, the satas are a recent addition just for this server. i have to make some extra grilles for the front of the machine, apart from that, its wiring, and moving data around. Weighs 53kg, should be 12.3 TB of raid 5 arrays. It's taken 3 months of work, acquiring bits like controllers etc etc has taken 12 months, don't want to know what I've spent on. (remote link requires registration to view, check attachments on this newspost for a sneak peek)

easypanic 19th August 2007 13:37

Wireless case?

Kougar 19th August 2007 14:07

I hope he lives near the arctic circle, most of those drives are going to get rather toasty!

jmke 19th August 2007 14:28

Check out the fan setup, I think airflow is no issue;)

Kougar 19th August 2007 16:48

Can't view the thread without signing up. Even if there are fans infront of those drives, all those IDE cables are going to pretty solidly block airflow. Doesn't look to be like there is any cooling for the drives on the bottom of the case either, they won't get any case airflow with all the IDE controller cards and IDE cables above them...

Sidney 19th August 2007 16:56

How do you like to have an IT guy like him to work for you? :)
I once have an employee in IT department trying to repair an old printer with duct tape, a good guy in nature. I asked him to get a new printer and spend his time in making sure the Barracuda spam filter was working.

jmke 19th August 2007 17:40

Kougar I attached this pic in the first post: shows the bottom cooling:)
and in front of the front array of HDDs there are fans too, I see no thermal issues here, the cables behind the HDDs can be as airflow restrictive as can be, don't matter much, the HDDs will have fresh air pushed over them straight from outside the case

Sidney 19th August 2007 17:44

Should those fans be blowing in or pulling out? :D

jmke 19th August 2007 17:47

ideal config should be blowing air INSIDE the case, from bottom and front, blowing outside, top and rear.

I remember howto by Lazyman "lift case to let air flow in" was that blowing in our out;)

slugbug 20th August 2007 04:11

And what power supply will be powering all those drives? If you need that much storage wouldn't it make more sense to sell off the IDE drives and buy some 1TB sata's?

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