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jmke 24th October 2007 11:20

Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 Preview
Today's enthusiast systems look quite a bit different from the old-school rigs I cut my teeth on back in the day. Years ago, it seemed like everyone was running full tower cases loaded with enough fans for lift-off. These systems were as loud as they were imposing, and they were probably a little bit vulgar. Looking back on them now, it's a wonder no one ever accused us of overcompensating. Or maybe they did, and we just couldn't hear them over the drone of system fans and the piercing whine of the classic Alpha.<br>
Way back when, we tuned for performance and little else. Our priorities have shifted over the years, though. These days, noise levels and power consumption are just as important as frames per second, part of a larger and more mature measure of overall goodness. We still want to blow your doors off, of course, but now we don't want you to hear it coming. And we'd prefer not to burn through a tank of gas in the process.<br>
I've seen this trend play out with my own personal systems. They used to live in monolithic towers that proudly trumpeted their presence with a turbine-like howl, but today they sit quietly in the corner and blend in with the furniture. Perhaps that's why I was so taken aback by Cooler Master's new Cosmos 1000 enclosure. This is a full-tower case that harkens back to the days of old, offering plenty of room for Extended ATX motherboards, loads of drive bays, and enough fans to power a small wind tunnel. Unlike the enclosures of my misspent youth, though, the Cosmos has an air of sophistication. It's all grown up, and more importantly, nearly silent.<br>
Has Cooler Master created the ultimate full-tower enclosure for the evolved sensibilities of seasoned enthusiasts? Read on to find out.

jmke 24th October 2007 11:31

Expected better work from Techreport

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