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jmke 16th November 2010 08:14

Cooler Master Storm SF-19 Strike Force laptop cooler review
Looking back in history, before I was born, and when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth in the prehistoric age of April 1981 (Well, dinosaurs were long extinct, but you get the point haha), the first successful portable computer was released -- namely, the Osborne 1 from, well, a company called Osborne Computer Corporation. It is hard to believe how fast technology has been progressing in the last thirty or so years. Laptop sizes get smaller and slimmer, internal components increase in efficiency and performance, and many other features of the notebook simply improve to various extents. But as these components become more powerful, there is one very important factor that is forgotten by many consumers, especially in the market of laptop gaming -- and that is heat output. Even though common healthy mainstream laptops are capable of cooling down themselves without external help, there's just that special breed of portable computers that simply isn't so... portable. We're talking about desktop replacement/gaming laptops. They're powerful, they're big, they're heavy, and they generate enough heat to keep your room cozy in the winter. Here is where Cooler Master just enters the scene and attempts to rectify this problem for people who own such systems. The company presents a laptop cooler that is able to support up to 19" laptops, and also features dual 140mm fans under the hood to move lots of air. Will the Cooler Master Storm SF-19 Strike Force be able to relieve problems associated with the massive heat-generating computers of laptop gaming enthusiasts? Read on to see what this cooler is really all about!

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