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jmke 29th December 2005 16:56

Cooler Master Introduces New Thermal Compound
Taipei, 27th December, 2005 - Thermal grease is the heat conducting interface between heatsink and CPU. It is an essential necessity in PC assembly. All PC overclockers know the importance of choosing the most efficient heat conductor to ensure achievement of the utmost results. This tiny tube of thermal compound can significantly affect the success of your overclocking result.

Being a true innovator in providing PC thermal solution, Cooler Master considers every aspect of cooling, including providing the best solution for a small air gap. NanoFusion - the revolutionary thermal compound newly released by Cooler Master - surpasses every overclocker’s expectation in terms of its Bond Line Thickness (BLT), Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Resistance and Specific Gravity. With the accomplished 0.019mm BLT, NanoFusion has successfully minimized thermal resistance to to 0.065℃-cm 2/w@40psi, which has been proven to be unmatched by any other thermal grease in the market.

Besides providing the best performance, NanoFusion is also environmentally safe, meeting the increasing demand of RoHS requirements. In addition, NanoFusion is comprised of non-electrical conductive material, to prevent system short circuitry. NanoFusion has all that you would need to reach your desired cooling results. It is definitely a crucial component to your precious system that any overclockers cannot miss.

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