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Jim McClain 26th July 2004 04:58

Cooler Master Case Modding Contest
Cooler Master is having its first case modding contest. There is more information about it HERE. I would be happy to answer any questions.


Jim McClain 26th July 2004 11:04

Well, hello everyone,

I'm happy to see the thread is getting a response, even though it's a little off topic.

Xploited Titan, your account (and those of others) may be inactive because we have a completely new forum since you first joined. Even I had to re-register. Please re-register, it should not be a problem. Here is a copy of the message I left for the admin in the admin forum:


Hi Darwin,

Could you please look in the member database for this entry:

Name: Lucy-fer and e-mail is and make sure it is activated? The member says he can't login because it's inactive or something.

If you can't revive it, please delete it so that the name and password will be available to the member to re-register.

Thank you,

If anyone else has problems with the forum or some other aspect of Cooler Master, please start a new thread in the appropriate section of this forum or you can email or PM me from my profile. Please don't hijack this thread -- it's about the contest.

Now, I hope you don't feel the situation is so intolerable now. This is the first I have heard of it and I am answering and doing something about it right now. You originally sent a message to Darwin, who happens to be Chinese and doesn't have the command of the English language that you and I have (well, I have. Do you?). That was almost a year ago and you may not have followed up on your first message to him.

In a perfect world, every email gets answered. Do you answer every single one of yours, or do you delete those that look like spam, hoaxes or unfriendly? I wish I could say I answer all of mine. Unfortunately, some fall through the cracks of the ether.

Let me know if there any further issues concerning this -- in a different thread or message. I hope this helps you. Now go finish modding that ATC-101 and enter it in the contest. ;)


jmke 26th July 2004 11:27

I modded my cellular phone with CM material, does that count? :)

great innitiative though, gives people the chance to be rewarded for being creative with the exterior of their PC

Xploited Titan 26th July 2004 11:50

OK, I apologize for that hi-jacking and hope everything will be solutioned. Jmke, you may delete the previous posts, as I don't need them anymore... :)

Thank you both for letting me say what I had on my stomach for several months... :D

I'd be happy to join the contest, but I need to finish some hard work, for example, finding back all the screws as I completely screwed the case loose... :^D

But you can already count me in...

Btw, how must the pictures be taken? Cos you can have multiple angles... i guess you need at least a picture (of part) of the front to truly see it's a CM case, isn't it?

Xploited Titan 27th July 2004 17:00

My account has been activated. My thanks to Jim for his quick action :ws:

Let's continue modding now, to be ready for the contest...

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