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jmke 15th January 2009 12:05

Cooler Master Black Label Limited Edition Cosmos Chassis
1 in 500; take a look at it for a moment. Few concepts are able to draw such an emotional response like exclusivity. In our mass produced, stamped steel world, many go to extremes to show their individualism with custom cars, boats, bikes and I am pretty sure that on more than one occasion a few unique mods have made their way to the TweakTown News section as well. There is a fine line between truly unique and unique to you. Not to belittle those that put their blood, sweat and tears into modding mass produced products, but owning a true limited edition from the factory can have a huge impact on the ego.

The Cooler Master Black Label is not the company’s first product or group of products to come in limited numbers. Many of the CSX cases were produced in batches as small as 25 units and each was labeled with an identification number such as Number 15 of 25. The Cooler Master Medusa that currently houses my personal gaming system is 1 of 300. Still, the Medusa is just one of many from the CSX line, so the feeling of having a real limited product is somewhat diluted. The Black Label, at least for now does not share this stigma and currently there is only one product in what may become a Black Label product line. But for now at least, the feeling of owning one puts me on top of the world.

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