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jmke 14th May 2010 09:57

Components returns rates in France
The first question is of course where the stats come from. They’re taken from a large French online retailer, whose database we have direct access to. We were, then, able to extract the stats we wanted straight from source. Of course they are limited to the products sold by the retailer, but unfortunately there isn’t any other way of getting hold of reliable stats. Who would believe for example any returns rates given by the manufacturers themselves?

The returns rates given concern the products sold between April 2009 and September 2009, namely after between 6 months and a year of use. The statistics by manufacturers are based on a minimum sample of 500 sales, those by model on a minimum sample of 100 sales. Each time, we have compared manufacturer’s rates with those in our previous article on the subject published 6 months ago.

piotke 14th May 2010 17:19


Seeing the return rates for the Seagates disks, it must have been painful for them.

jmke 14th May 2010 18:47

hate to say this, but those seagate barracuda are real stinkers when it comes to reliability

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