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jmke 5th February 2010 09:24

Clarkdale’s Second Half: Intel HD Graphics Review
Although Intel decided not to use the familiar GMA abbreviation for its name, Intel HD Graphics core integrated into Westmere processors doesn’t actually have anything revolutionary about itself. Namely, Intel HD Graphics is none other but a common evolutionary refresh of the GMA X4500 graphics processor used in Intel G45 chipsets in terms of its architecture and functionality. Yes, the actual graphics core moved from the chipset North Bridge into the CPU, but this change has pure engineering significance. The users will not even notice it, they will be much more curious to see what practical changes have been made to the new GPU: slight increase in the number of shader units and the ability to decode two independent HD video streams simultaneously on the hardware level.

Massman 5th February 2010 09:36


The graphics core frequency, just like the BCLK frequency can be adjusted in a pretty wide range with 1 MHz increment. Moreover, the GP frequency is not connected with any other frequencies and can be changed totally independently.

jmke 5th February 2010 09:39

what he means that you can OC the IGP without the need to increase BCLK ;)
nothing more, nothing less;)

Massman 5th February 2010 10:18


the GP frequency is not connected with any other frequencies and can be changed totally independently.
It's connected to BCLK

jmke 5th February 2010 10:34

it's derived from, yes, but can be increased through BIOS, without affecting BCLK

Massman 5th February 2010 10:40

"The GP frequency is connected to the BCLK frequency, but can be altered separately"

Not quite the same ...

jmke 5th February 2010 10:44

your statement is not quite correct, that first part would mean that increasing the IGP clock would increase BCLK, the "but can be altered separately" fixes this statement for you.

it's same as what I said: derived from ;)
IGP is derived from BCLK as seen in your formula's posted here:

either way, I'm sure that once XBitLabs tries to OC their CPU with IGP enabled they'll end up wondering why they can't go higher than 165-170 BCLK :)

oh, and in case your .TW friends never admit it: you were right! :D

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