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jmke 5th June 2008 09:24

Cat's out of the Bag: Intel Nehalem Benchmarked
We had access to a 2.66GHz Nehalem for the longest time, unfortunately the motherboard it was paired with had some serious issues with memory performance. Not only was there no difference between single and triple channel memory configurations, memory latency was high. We know this was a board specific issue since our second Nehalem platform didn't exhibit any issues. Unfortunately we didn't have access to the more mature platform for very long at all, meaning the majority of our tests had to be run on the first setup (never fear, Nehalem is fast enough that it didn't end up mattering).

We've been told to expect a 20 - 30% overall advantage over Penryn and it looks like Intel is on track to delivering just that in Q4. At 2.66GHz, Nehalem is already faster than the fastest 3.2GHz Penryns on the market today. At 3.2GHz, I'd feel comfortable calling it baby Skulltrail in all but the most heavily threaded benchmarks. This thing is fast and this is on a very early platform, keep in mind that Nehalem doesn't launch in Q4 of this year.

Kougar 5th June 2008 20:37

I was right about the performance, but so wrong about the heat... I was so expecting a bit more heat than just a paltry 15 watts clock for clock.

Single-core Cinebench R10 test shows a 25% performance gain over Penryn, and that was with single-channel memory verses dual-channel for Penryn.

Since they tested with DDR3-1067 RAM, will be interesting to test some 1333MHz RAM with 6-6-6-18 timings. Suspect latency will decrease further and might show some small performance gains ontop of everything else.

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