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Sidney 20th August 2005 22:18

Boogie Bug modding accessories
There are several new products for computer modifications and lighting released o*n the market every passing day, which means that case modding is still very popular with no end in sight. Case modding is the new (or sort of new for some) fashion, especially now that computers are present not o*nly in almost every room of the house but also in places like cars. And of course, the most fanaticized people over case modding are people that attend many LAN parties or have the computer at any place visible to everyone. There is a company that many of you may not know, as they still focus their activities in France, Boogie Bug, who specializes in making modding accessories for computers. Boogie Bug is a relatively new company and hasnít (or doesnít want to) spread to other areas than case modding. Today I have a few modding accessories of their making, provided by their official distributor, Bacata, so you can get to see just a few things of what they have to offer.

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