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jmke 25th March 2009 17:31

BFG EX-1200 Watt Modular Power Supply
Today we have the opportunity to review the continued evolution of this unique design in the form of the BFG EX-1200 Watt power supply. Unlike the ES 800 before it, this power supply is definitely not shy on the latest features and power capacity. It boasts modular cabling, six PCI-E cables, a whopping 40 amps available on each of the 12V rails and something called frequency conversion technology to improve efficiency at lower loads.

So, we have a power supply that is efficient with low power delivery while offering huge capacity. It is kind of like a friend with a pick-up truck, always there with additional capacity when you need it. Sounds like a winner to me. Letís see if the bench tests tell another story. But, before we do, letís take a closer look at the BFG EX-1200 Watt power supply.

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