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Massman 20th June 2008 09:59

Bfg Es-800 Psu
The power supply is an odd component of sorts. In the same way our heart doesn't make us run faster or get better grades in school, a power supply won't give you a higher frame rate or make your CPU faster. But without a strong, solid heart even everyday tasks would become difficult. Imagine trying to walk a flight of stairs with a weak heart or carry groceries. Your power supply is the heart, the very core, of your PC and without a strong solid PSU everyday tasks become difficult. Imagine trying to play games or run Folding@Home with a flaky PSU. Constant lock-ups or total shut-downs would put a quick stop to any chance of enjoyment you would get from your PC. Clean, solid power is a must in today's PCs but with so many poor quality power supplies masquerading as high-end units it's easy to get buried by the sea of marketing hype. Today Bjorn3D is looking at one power supply that not only positions itself as a top-notch PSU built with quality components, but brings some new tricks to the table to increase efficiency and show some love to mother earth. The power supply is the ES-800 by BFG. A company well known for its commitment to quality. Let's put some of BFG's claims to the test and see if this unit is worthy of your hard earned money.

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