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Sidney 18th September 2005 20:50

Atrix Lexicon Series Case
Not long ago I reviewed a case that I modded, un-modded review of course. The case was made by a company called Atrix, the quality and price was exceptional. The case was well built, sturdy and functional. Today I have another case from Atrix, the Lexicon, it is a pre-mod case of course. The internal chassis is essentially the same as my last Atrix review, but the outside has got a complete overhaul, with an etched plexi window and EL front panel. It even includes a 480Watt power supply.

Review URL:

Sidney 18th September 2005 21:26

An identical setup with my 4 years ago Codegen case except adding another 80mm on the back and front intake. You never know what and how they switch stamping dies and tooling around ;)

Rutar 18th September 2005 21:29

no person with intact hearing should buy a case with 80mm fans

also the fan holes are piss poor, extremly restrictive

Sidney 18th September 2005 22:01

I did not know you are an audiologist. May be you could teach us more; I have spent years working with audiologists.

Sidney 18th September 2005 22:06

120mm fan at 63 dBA.

Rutar 18th September 2005 22:06

constant noise on a low level is bad for the health too

Sidney 18th September 2005 22:09

Define "low level". If anything "low level", it is you, making me sick.

80mm fan @42 dBA

jort 18th September 2005 23:05

its nice to have a person that critics everything, not!

please rutar if you don't have anything elseto do, play some games instead

jmke 19th September 2005 08:57

I have a case with 2x80mm fans; dead silent, passive CPU cooling, passive cooled PSU

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