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jmke 26th May 2008 14:08

Atom 330 dual core works at 1.6GHz
Intel plans to launch its first dual core Atom based CPU in Q3. We scored some more details and many of them were quite easy to guess. The new dual core Atom will end up branded as the Atom 330 and just as the single core Atom 230, the dual core CPU will end up at 1.6GHZ.

It has 1MB cache memory, which is twice as much as the single core Atom 230. We would suggest that Intel actually has 2x512KB L2 cache, as this cache is not shared between the cores.

The FSB stays at 533MHz and this is also a chipset limitation, but of course on some boards you will be able to overclock, at least the FSB. mid=35

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