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jmke 21st January 2010 10:42

ATIC Wants Full Ownership of GlobalFoundries
GlobalFoundries is currently owned jointly by ATIC and AMD, but the situation is very likely to change soon, according to Reuters. ATIC is obviously discontent with its 65.8% stake of the foundry, and has recently filed an application with Germany’s cartel office to take over GlobalFoundries completely.

blackened 21st January 2010 19:05

Didnt Intel sue to stop this from happening when AMD tried ? Intel licensed the x86 manufacturing to AMD and this was not transferable. Isnt they why AMD had to retain such a large share of the Foundry to being with to comply with the license agreement? If they sold out completely to ATIC, what effect would that have on AMDs x86 license?

Kougar 22nd January 2010 02:06

AMD won their suit, specifically Intel and AMD negotiated an agreement that settled all outstanding litigation, suits, IP rights issues, gave AMD the legal rights to make x86 chips any anyone's fab, and paid AMD $1.25B to cover everything.

AMD might be interested in selling their shares, could ask higher prices as GF is doing well and has a very bright outlook, then turn around and use the cold hard cash to finish paying down the last of their debt early.

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