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jmke 26th October 2004 23:49

ATI Technologies Skyrockets Market Shares, Says Mercury Research
New numbers from Mercury Research, a market research company, that are planned to release on Wednesday, show that ATI Technologies has surpassed NVIDIA Corp. in terms of market share for the first time in about five years after the company’s sales skyrocketed during the third quarter of the calendar year.

An industry source has sent X-bit labs the numbers that are presumably planned to be released by Mercury Research on Wednesday, October, 27, 2004. The source who remained to stay anonymous has provided correct information to X-bit labs in the past.

ATI Grabs the Top Spot on the Graphics Chips Market

According to the data, Intel Corp.’s market share in the graphics systems market rose 1% to 39% in the Q3 2004. ATI Technologies’ market share skyrocketed 4% to 27% in the Q3 2004, while its arch-rival’s – NVIDIA Corp.’s – share dropped 8% to 15% from 23% in the third quarter of the year. Intel supplies chipsets that contain integrated graphics cores for mobile and desktop computers, while ATI and NVIDIA concentrate on standalone graphics chips for desktops and laptops.

For the first time for a long time Markham, Ontario-based ATI Technologies managed to leave NVIDIA behind in terms of market share in desktop standalone market segment. Currently ATI commands 55% of the market, up 17% from the previous quarter. NVIDIA supplied 42% of graphics chips for desktops during the Q3 2004, down 16% from the previous quarter.

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Sidney 27th October 2004 00:33

Yet, Nvda is up $1.15 to $14.49 and ATYT is up slightly $0.15 closed at $17.08. ATYT is very near it's 52 weeks high of ~$18 while Nvda is far from the 52 weeks high of >$27.

I put my money on Nvda.;) Or, I will be using a 400mhz Celeron.:D

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