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jmke 13th January 2010 07:37

ATI Radeon HD 5670 Tested
Things are looking good for ATI lately. Not only were they first to get DirectX 11 compatible graphics cards into the market, but NVIDIA's inability to release their own DirectX 11 solutions in the same time span also meant that ATI has had the entire DirectX 11 market to themselves for almost a full four months!

To rub salt into NVIDIA's wounds, in the past four months they have also reclaimed the title of fastest single GPU (the Cypress XT found on the Radeon HD 5870 ) and also the title of fastest single graphics card (Radeon HD 5970 ) from NVIDIA.

Not content with their dominant display of late, ATI is following up on its recent successes with a brand new graphics card for the more budget-minded, the Radeon HD 5670. The new Radeon HD 5670 cards will be powered by the Redwood XT GPU, which has 400 stream processing units, 20 texture mapping units and 8 raster operating units. Its core will run at 775MHz, with the memory at 4000MHz DDR. Memory bus width will be kept at 128 bits width (similar to the Radeon HD 5770 and Radeon HD 5750 ), and the new cards will come in either 512MB or 1GB flavors.

jmke 13th January 2010 18:11

Seems like they removed the remote article.

performance ranking overall was like this, fast to slow
- Geforce 9800 GT
- Radeon 5670
- Geforce 240 GT / 9600 GT

difference between each step was about 10-15%

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