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jmke 31st October 2008 16:40

ATI Radeon HD 4830 (Sapphire, Powercolor and HIS) Review
Just over a week ago ATI launched the Radeon HD 4830 which is the latest card in the 4800 series range and hits the market at around 99/$130. Unfortunately, due to a BIOS issue on the first batch of review sample cards (reference models and some retail branded) the full number of unified shaders was not available and performance was therefore negatively impacted (some reviews you have already read on other publications are actually wrong).

wearebrights 31st October 2008 20:43

Nice video card...competes with 9800GT pretty evenly. Good buy!

CampusCop 1st November 2008 02:40

I guess which ever one comes with Far Cry 2 would be my pick. XFX 9800GT for sure.

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