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jmke 2nd February 2009 15:08

ATI HD 4830 CrossfireX vs ATI HD 4870
Judging by the test results, you can indeed save on your graphics card in the time of economical crisis. As you could see, the CrossFireX tandem of two Radeon HD 4830 cards is generally faster than the single Radeon HD 4870, which also costs more. Therefore you can buy one cheap Radeon HD 4830 and then, half a year later, buy another such card to get a nice performance boost for very little money. Or you can save today by buying two Radeon HD 4830 cards as they will be cheaper than one Radeon HD 4870.

So, the computer with two Radeon HD 4830 requires 50W more power than the same computer with a single Radeon HD 4870. The diagram makes it easy to calculate the peak power draw of one Radeon HD 4830, which is about 103W (the specified value is 110W).

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