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Sidney 31st May 2005 06:59

ATI CrossFire
Hot topic for the next several weeks -

ATI CrossFire - Multi-GPU Rendering
CrossFire refers to all the components that make up ATI's multi-GPU rendering solution. Those who already own a X800 or a X850 PCIe based video card already have the first component of a CrossFire solution. The second component is a CATALYST driver that supports CrossFire. The last two components unfortunately, do cost money and they are the following -

A RADEON CrossFire Edition Graphics Card with Compositing Engine
CrossFire certified motherboard

ATI CrossFire Preview : Today ATI announces their tandem video card solution branded CrossFire. Inside we will preview this new technology and tell you what you need to know from a gamerís perspective.

Sidney 31st May 2005 15:19

So, does ATI bring anything to the table that we have not seen already
from NVIDIA? In some ways, they work the same; two matching series of
cards, and a supporting motherboard. Unlike NVIDIA, gaming profiles aren't
required for Crossfire. According to ATI, with the correct hardware,
Crossfire is something that is enabled as soon as your PC is put together.
Their approach is driver independent, so in theory, older games as well as
newer games should work in Crossfire mode as soon as you fire them up."

Back at Quakecon 2004 Nvidia took the gaming world by surprise with their announcement of SLI. By the end of the year we had tested SLI for the first time, and ATI was starting to mention they would be also be offering their own version of SLI. In the roughly 6 months the nForce 4 SLI chipset and accompanying video cards have been shipping numbers for the chipset have been better than Nvidia ever expected. ATI couldn't stand by and let them have all the glory, and today they announce their Crossfire dual video card solution supported by their Xpress 200 series of chipsets for AMD and Intel platforms that we were first fully briefed on at E3. So what are the selling points for Crossfire? Here is what ATI claims makes their solution superior to Nvidia's SLI.

jmke 31st May 2005 15:26


Originally posted by lazyman
so in theory, older games as well as
newer games should work in Crossfire mode as soon as you fire them up.

if this works in pratice, they have a winner on their hands

Sidney 31st May 2005 16:20

"It works in practice.".

Now, how many will invest a new board and graphic card right after they paid dearly for dual Nvidia cards and SLI board. This is a "small" crowd who already paid Nvidia a large amount of money.:)

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