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jmke 29th October 2008 14:18

ATI Catalyst 8.10 Hotfix removes detail in Far Cry 2
Far cry 2 was released in Oct 22nd, and AMD reacted quickly this time, released a hotfix driver, optimized for Far cry 2. You can check the release note for details. We compared Catalyst 8.10 and the hotfix, it is really helps the game to get higher FPS. Yes the driver can boost FPS of Far cry 2, but do you still remember Furmark? Catalyst have “profiles”, which they can tweak different applications by monitoring name’s of executable, make them run slower or faster. And yes, you have to pay if it runs faster. If we rename furmark, it runs hotter than keeping the name with ATI cards. It works the same with Far Cry 2. under hotfix environment only rename it and the game runs the as the same FPS as with Cat 8.10. So, we take a better look at the environment, finally finds out hotfix have chopped something off from the game.

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