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jmke 30th April 2010 13:20

Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe 1156 Motherboard Review
The in surge of multiple socket types and chipsets is getting a bit mind boggling these days. Intel is talking about more socket types coming in the near future while AMD seems to be sticking with the AM3 platform for a little while longer. As a reviewer it is difficult to keep up, lack of review units on the CPU side of things means we have to buy CPU's on a regular basis just to stay competitive. Thankfully companies like Asus are making this process less painful by providing noticeable upgrades to the motherboard side of technology to help us reviewers justify the constant CPU purchasing to ourselves. Today's motherboard is no exception, the P7P55D-E 1156 Motherboard is brimming with multiple extras that would make any enthusiast or hobbyist drool. Let's get into the meat of this motherboard and see what everything will mean for you, the end user

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