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jmke 16th July 2007 17:38

Asus P5K vs Asus P5K3 Benchmarks (DDR2 vs DDR3)
Since the release of DDR3 a short while ago, we've all been aware of the increased latencies surrounding this new technology. However, as the test results have proved today, a mediocre increase in memory speed (133mhz in this case) is all that's required to bring the high latency DDR3 modules up to and above the performance of DDR2 modules running at much tighter timings. Of course, at the moment DDR3 modules are significantly more expensive than their DDR2 counterparts. This is more than likely to deter a large portion of enthusiasts from making the switch, but with more and more DDR3 motherboards entering the market and Intel's X38 chipset on the horizon, the price of DDR3 is bound to take a nosedive.<br><br>

As for the P5K3 motherboard, not much has really changed from it's DDR2 based P5K twin brother. The layout of both boards is identical, meaning our previous praise for the P5K's layout and features is still valid. In addition to this, the P5K3 was also able to match the 520mhz FSB previously obtained by the P5K, and the maximum overclock on our E4300 CPU remained the same.Both the P5K and P5K3 motherboards are available from the recommended retailers below for around 150. In addition to this, there is actually very little difference in price between the two boards, allowing you freely choose what memory platform to adopt without paying through the nose for the latest technology.

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