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jmke 2nd January 2006 11:26

Asus' Monstrous Looking 7800GT Dual Graphics Card
"Asus' latest entry into the world of dual graphics card is its 7800GT, which is based on the latest line of NVIDIA GeForce 7 series of GPUs. While the card appears to be nice, it in fact falls flat due to its price. I don't know about you, but for $800.00, I can get two seperate 7800GT graphics adapters and run SLI rather comfortably."


The Senile Doctor 3rd January 2006 18:41

a single mobo+ this card will cost you more then an sli mobo and one 7800 GTX, which you could upgrade eventually to dual 7800GTX's

jmke 4th January 2006 20:26

no more than you :)

these cards will not be mass produced, cost a lot to make, cost a lot to buy, cost a lot to run (external PSU).

not the smartest thing to buy

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