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jmke 20th August 2008 13:04

Asus Hd 4870 X2 (eah4870x2) 2gb Pci-e
Based on the results over the previous pages it's really hard not to fall in love with the 4870X2. Yes it totally lacks in innovation, yes it sucks up power and yes it removes the need for any heating in your home. But for the hardcore gamer or extreme bencher who craves FPS above everything else, the 4870X2 reigns supreme.

High resolutions, high quality textures, 8xAA - you name it, the 4870X2 eats it for lunch. Throughout our testing the only game that could present it with a remote challenge was Crysis (surprise, surprise), and even then with 4xAA and V.High textures applied, the 4870X2 still managed to produce a fairly reasonable 30FPS at 1900x1200 while the GTX280 was left running at a slideshow speed of just under 17FPS.

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