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jmke 30th April 2010 13:02

Asus ENGTX-470 Voltage Tweak Edition
Leave it to Asus to come out strong with the GTX-470, while other vendors settled for hitting the streets with regular GTX-470 that just wasn't good enough for Asus. They brought the Asus ENGTX-470 Voltage Tweak Edition to the table. It's almost unheard of for Asus to field the Voltage Tweak Edition before the Non-Voltage Tweak Edition but they did it this time.

What does that mean for the end user, more voltage for OCing! Yes it should overclock better than any stock reference GTX-470 out there. Now if we could just get them to do a GTX-470 Voltage Tweak Edition with a water block on it (drool).

Seriously though rather than do some twisted voltage mod with a pencil, of wind your way through complicated software tweaks to up the voltage on a GPU all you have to do is load Smart Doctor, grab the voltage slider and overclock your heart out. No hex numbers to mess with, no penciling the card, no headaches, just a few clicks and your on your way to world record overclocks.

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