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jmke 28th May 2008 14:25

ASUS EN9600GT Silent review
ASUS' 'V-Cool' graphics cooler used on this board is a dual-slot affair which is much tidier than the far bulkier arrangement seen on their silent GeForce 8600 GTS offering, which is a big plus straight off the bat. The large heatsink covers the entire front of what is otherwise a very standard GeForce 9600 GT design, complete with six-pin PCI Express power connector.

One important point of note with regard to this cooler is that ASUS recommends ensuring that the rest of your system is relatively well ventilated, with some kind of system fan in use in your chassis. In other words, don't expect to run an entirely silent system using this graphics board, as some kind of active system cooling will most likely be required to avoid the graphics board overheating under load. In our particular case, we tested using Cooler Master's 690 chassis, with incorporates a fan which blows directly onto the graphics board as well as utilising front and rear system fans, but as long as you have some kind of airflow running through your system you should be okay. id=27

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